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Witnessing Strength

On September 28, 2018 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer...Something so common nowadays, still I would never expect it to hit home as close as it did. On September 28th, she asked for me an...

A Fool's Month

If I could remove a month off the calendar it would be the Month of April. April was and will always be a life-changing month for me. April will forever be the constant reminder about a series of e...

Day 10 of 365.

You wouldn't believe how many things come to my mind when I think about what year it is. Two thousand and nineteen. Wow. I turned the legal age of 18, 10 years ago. I graduated from high school 1...

Counting My Blessings

Lately, my life has been taking multiple turns in different directions. I've become so overwhelmed with the things that are going on around me, I now have a permanent knot that lives inside my stom...

Meet Jewels!

There wouldn't be a Crown Jewels Boutique without her!

Ignite the Dream

On September 9th, I attended a conference in Philly called "Ignite the Dream", with Eric Thomas and his associates. I attended this conference by myself with hopes of getting inspired for my own up...

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