On September 9th, I attended a conference in Philly called "Ignite the Dream", with Eric Thomas and his associates. I attended this conference by myself with hopes of getting inspired for my own upcoming website launch!

It's crazy because I felt a mixture of emotions throughout the segment. I was motivated, I was inspired, I was eager, I was scared, I was nervous, but most importantly I was confident!

We all know chasing a dream will require a lot of work! This is the number one reason why many people do not follow their own dreams. One important thing I learned on my journey... I must rise to the occasion. I must do the work if I want something done. I must stay up late and execute this bright idea I just had because I am the type of person that will forget what it was the next day. I must work hard at it even when it disturbs the peace. I must push HARDER because it is my only option. So when life gets tough, when life around you gets hard, working HARDER will be the only option because that's all you know!

During this motivational conference, I had a mixture of emotions because I felt as if he was speaking directly to me. It was like he knew the path I was on and he knew the obstacles I would face. He knew the pain I would feel and told me there is no way around it. He knew what winning felt like. He knew what losing felt like. He knew what completing a goal felt like. He knew what starting over felt like. Listening to him sent chills up my spine! If he can do it, I can! If he went through all of that to get to where he is at now and still wouldn't change a thing; why would I let a minor setback be the end to my reality!

But the BIGGEST LESSON I learned that day was, to leave the dream alone and ignite the process. Nobody has ever told me that before. Everybody makes it seem as if you need to eat, sleep, and talk about the dream. Everybody shows you the cars, houses, money, and jewels they have. But nobody shows you the struggle. Everybody holds onto their dreams as if its GOLD. But nobody holds the process to the same standards. So when he spoke on this topic - it was a reality check for me. We have to go through the process to even become the dream. We have to be dedicated to the process and giving up cannot be an option. The process it takes to get you from where you are, to your dreams, will be unique to each individual. But that is where people give up and quit. But I won't. I wasn't made to quit. I am igniting my process because I know God doesn't prune things that don't bear fruit!


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  • Tay, this is beautiful and I am truly inspired!

    Azziza BaCote on

  • I read every word of this and it just makes me smile !! Your are my inspiration to follow my dreams and to never give up ! I love you for being you ! Keep it up beautiful 😘

    Chantisse Teel on

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