There wouldn't be a Crown Jewels Boutique without her!

It's crazy how such a small person can light up an entire room. I would die for this girl. I can't get enough of her. My entire world plus more!

Age? 8

Zodiac Sign? Aries

Favorite chocolate candy? Kit Kat

Favorite food of all time? Pancakes

Favorite pasta dish? Spaghetti 

Favorite cookie? Oreos

Favorite cereal? Lucky Charms

Favorite breakfast food? Pancakes

Favorite pizza toppings? Cheese sometimes pepperoni 

Favorite fruit? Blueberries and Strawberries

Favorite vegetable? Broccoli 

Favorite dessert? Ice cream

Favorite dish at Thanksgiving? Baked mac and cheese

Favorite ice cream sundae toppings? Sprinkles

Favorite cartoon cat? Don't have one

Favorite show? Sister Sister

Favorite scary movie? Monster's Inc. 

Favorite chick flick? Moana

Favorite Pixar movie? Toy Story and Soul 

Favorite Song? All My Life by Lil Durk

First state you’ve visited? Maryland

First kind of vacation? Family Reunion - ATL 

Favorite ride at a carnival? The biggest ride she can find for her height!

Favorite animal? Dog

First pet? A Turtle 

Favorite Sport? Acrobatics 

Favorite Dr. Seuss book? How The Grinch Stole Christmas 

Favorite Youtube video? Ninja Kids 

Favorite person? Malai


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