I would like to introduce myself and talk a little bit about who I am. Creating this boutique was one of the hardest things to keep quiet about. When I was able to check a task off my "create my own business" list, the eagerness would explode inside me. The few that have known about it, is tired of me talking about this boutique, that's for sure!

I have always thought, having more than one income was important. Since I have started working as a teenager I have been that way. If I didn't have more than one income, I would split my direct deposits into different bank accounts. I can never rely on just one source. So why not have a second income that's all mine. Where I can control the hours and schedules. Why not have a second job doing something that I love. I heard when you do it that way, it doesn't feel like work at all.

I kept this a secret for many different reasons. One, I didn't want to get influenced by other opinions. I did not want any suggestions, offers, partnerships, or hating conversations. I knew what I wanted, and I had my own vision of what it would look like. When you start receiving different opinions it can alter your own vision. That's a natural reaction. Secondly, there are a lot of existing small businesses, and new ones get created every day. I didn't want the pressure of those other boutiques to influence mine. I wanted to move at my own pace. I picked my grand opening date for a specific reason and I refused to change it. I know there are a lot of retail businesses out there, but I know what I have to offer, and I can only worry about myself. Finally, I wanted to be humble. Seriously. I didn't want to speak too soon. I wanted to avoid jinxing myself. I wanted to have something to show by the time I spoke about it. I needed to see my vision come alive first...

I was probably a Junior or Senior in college when the idea of owning a clothing boutique came to mind. This had to be 2012 or 2013. I know, a long time ago. Originally, I wanted a storefront. An online boutique to me, sounded like I was settling. I started to "research" the steps to this process, however, no effort was made. Somehow throughout the years, I shifted my idea to a food truck. Not just a food truck, but a seafood food truck. One where you can purchase affordable meals because seafood in Delaware is expensive. I brainstormed, registered my business name, and even took this idea a step further. But in the back of my mind, my boutique idea would place doubts on me about owning this truck. Fast forward to 2018, I have now made my first important decision regarding my own business. I am going to follow the path of my dream instead of what I think will be easier to create. I finally own my own clothing boutique.

This is my store! I put my own thoughts, ideas, decisions, finances, physical labor, long nights, early mornings, and extreme budgeting into this brand! This is all mines. I am proud of myself! When this idea first came to mind I was skeptical. I wasn't sure if I had what it takes to maintain a fashion brand. I am not a model, nor do I work in the fashion industry. I have not participated in any fashion classes a day in my life. I am not going to lie, I was skeptical. But what I do have, is my faith. I know what I like, and I know I can trust myself. I can make a $50 outfit look like money. I can give you my best tips on "balling on a budget". This boutique is designed to attract every style at a low price. I can show you better than I can tell you.

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